Project accompaniment

In industrial warehousing, warehouses are refurnished as a re­sult of customer fluctuation. In the initial phase of a new warehouse, problems regularly occur in the handling in the commercial and industrial areas because essential small things have not been taken into account in planning. In ad­dition, the entire personnel is more than fully stretched in this period as the work sequences have not yet become co­ordinated. Satisfying the final consumers is a further prob­lem.

Inventory counts are particularly tricky if the warehousing activities may not be interrupted. This calls for some precise planning so as to obtain reliable results for the inventory count.

Accompaniment of a project by an outsider has the advan­tage that he can recognise weak points in the handling with­out any influences. Ideally, such an accompaniment should take place as early as the organisation of the warehouse handling. But accompaniment is also sensible if the ware­house has already been put into operation.