About me

My father established the firm itself in 1966. I started working for it as an employee in 1983 and on 1 January 1988 my father and I formed a partnership. My father retired from the partnership in 2007 at the age of 85. Since then I have run the firm on my own.

I initially studied and qualified as an insurance broker and then extended my horizons by working in a number of different fields, acquiring the expertise needed in this firm.

The focus of my work is Europe. Sometimes my clients order an investigation also on several continents (North- and South America, Africa). My clients are insurance companies, warehouse keepers and warehouse customers. Large law firms occupied with questions of carrier liability also know my survey reports. Since I promise my clients total confidentiality, I am not at liberty to name them or any other references here.

It is difficult for anyone to say anything about the quality of one’s own work. In this regard I would just like to say I have always had enough to do throughout my period of work in this field without any special advertising. New clients usually approach my firm by word of mouth.